Craniosacral therapy is a light touch therapy that increases the flow of fluids in the cerebrospinal system, settles the nervous system, and creates connection with the forces of health working in the body.

“Health is never lost; it centers our experience. Truth is found in the depth of our listening…” Franklyn Sills

What Is “Biodynamic” Craniosacral?

Biodynamic, by definition, is the “study of the effects of dynamic processes on living organisms,”  and ” the holistic study of the vital force of energy of living matter and psychological processes.”


Following this train of logic, biodynamic craniosacral is very different than the “biomechanical” approach that many practitioners take. it is a type of therapy that holds space, appreciation, and curiosity for the vital force of energy flowing in the client.


The “intention is to be present for, and relate to, the Health that is never lost. The purpose of the work is to access the Health that has centered the disturbance. The purpose is to liberate the health inherent within the resistance or the disturbance.” Franklyn Sills

What Happens When Your Body Feels Safe?

Believe it or not, constantly assessing your safety, evaluating possible outcomes, and trying to maintain control consume a lot of energy!In biodynamic craniosacral, the practitioner maintains a state of neutral, open waiting and listens for the “always available” health in your system.

When your body feels settled, safe, and held, there is an immense amount of potential. Something called “body intelligence” can take over. Your system can see where it is blocked, remember the wholeness that is the blueprint for your life, and focus on the reorganization and restructuring that is currently possible.

What Can You Expect In A Session?

  • Brief conversation about pertinent issues
  • Setting an intention for the session
  • Resonance practice
    • encourages present moment body awareness
  • Establishing the “sweet spot”
    • establishes  proximity and quality of touch
  • Waiting for the “holistic shift”
    • you may sense of the wholeness of your body

What Happens Next?

From the holistic shift, any number of things can unfold. A session will progress depending on what you are bringing into your appointment and the resources you have available.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

It may take several sessions, and perhaps additional modalities before we can even touch a place where your nervous system is truly settled and you can experience a holistic shift. It is important to remember even small shifts can ripple outward and create changes in your entire body. There is no “goal” that we are striving to achieve. Each session will meet you where you are, with exactly what you need. With continued curiosity, sessions do evolve and have the potential to release older patterning stored in the body.

Who Can Benefit?

Virtually anyone! Do you:

  • experience daily stressors?
  • want to let go of difficult experiences?
  • have irregular sleep, digestion, or mood?
  • suffer from aches and pains in your physical body?
  • want to discover a more resilient version of yourself?
  • desire growth, deepening, and change?
  • want the capacity to be present for your life?
  • want to reconnect with a sense of your “whole”self?
  • find it hard to slow down in the hustle and bustle of  your life?

Looking To Rediscover Your Health?

If any of these, or any other human condition for that matter, applies to you, biodynamic craniosacral will be beneficial! Since the primary goal of treatments are to create a space where your nervous system can settle and you can get in touch with the innate health in your body, there are no contraindications or instances where this would not be beneficial.