Open Focus

What is Open Focus?

Open Focus training is a technique that helps to cultivate a state of open attention and awareness, which can lead to greater relaxation, improved focus, and reduced stress. It was developed by Dr. Les Fehmi, a psychologist and neuroscientist who has studied brainwave patterns and their relationship to mental states.


Open Focus training involves a series of exercises that help individuals to shift their attention away from narrow, focused attention to a more open, diffuse awareness. This can be achieved through various techniques, including visualization, mental imagery, and body awareness.

Who Is Open Focus Training For?

Everyone! Open Focus is a great resource for individuals, small groups, businesses, families, etc. Open Focus training has been used to help individuals with a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleep disorders. It has also been used to improve athletic performance, enhance creativity, and increase overall well-being.


The combination of sequenced individual sessions and daily, at home practice will yield the best results and most pronounced impact. By shifting your attentional awareness it is possible to come into a different relationship with layers of deep patterning, reduce the “charge” around psycho-emotional and pain based conditions, and improve performance in desired areas.

What Is The Goal Of Open Focus Sessions?

One of the primary goals of Open Focus training is to help you become more aware of their own cognitive processes and the way that they perceive the world around them. By cultivating an open, receptive state of mind, individuals can become more attuned to their own thoughts and feelings, and develop greater insight into their own experiences.

How Can I Get Started With Open Focus?

Getting started is as simple as scheduling an appointment for you or your group. The sessions are similar to a guided meditation. They are delivered in a sequence that starts with “general” Open Focus and becomes more specific to you and your specific condition or goals as your attentional awareness grows.

Paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world, receiving the gifts with open eyes and open heart. – Robin Wall Kimmerer